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All paracord survival bracelets, and other paracord survival gear can be taken apart and deployed for all manor of survival uses, such as...

Tying Down A Tent, Tying Tarps, Making A Ridgeline ,Dog Leash, Shoe And Boot Laces, Clothes Line, Bottle
Holder, Repairing Equipment,
Material For Starting A Fire, Trail Marking, Lashing A Rock or Arrowhead To A Spear, Boating Cord, Making A
Bow String, Dental Floss, Hanging Food In A Bear Safe Tree,
Tourniquet, Fastening A First Aid Bandage, Sewing Fabric, Securing A Shelter, Zipper Pulls, Setting Up Fishing Nets / Snars / Traps, Fishing Line, Repairing A Backpack, Fixing A Strap, The possibilities are endless for the uses of 550 pound paracord for survival needs.


Here at Combatparacord we stand behind everything we sell. If you ever have to take something
apart to save your life or the life of someone else, or even a pet, send us an email about the
experience and we will send you out a replacement. This has been, and will always be our policy.

Wrist Bands will not be replaced for ordering wrong size.

Please see sizing here to get the best and correct fit.

Just Some Of The Many Uses Of Paracord

Tying Down A Tent
Making A Ridgeline
Shoe And Boot Laces
Dog Leash
Repairing Equipment
Clothes Line
Bottle Holder
Boating Cord
Material For Starting A Fire
Sewing Fabric
Trail Marking
Lashing A Rock or Arrowhead To A Spear
Making A Bow String
Tying Tarps
Dental Floss
Hanging Food In A Bear Safe Tree
Zipper Pulls
Fastening A First Aid Bandage
Securing A Shelter
Setting Up Fishing Nets / Snars / Traps
Fishing Line
Repairing A Backpack On The Trail
Fixing A Strap On A Kayak
Just use your Imagination to come up with many other uses

Great Video Of The Many Uses Of A 550lb Paracord Bracelet
as reviewed by
Reality Survival


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